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As a little girl I would make dresses out of pillow cases and colour them with crayola markers, spend hours scribbling shoes and dreamed of working in the fashion industry, not much has changed since then. Im studying at Limerick School of Art and Design which I love,in my third year of fashion design. My favourite designers at the moment are Haider Rick Owens, Hussein Chalayan,Iris Van Herpen,Stella McCartney,Steffie Christaens , Gareth Pugh and Anne Sophie Madsen (and the list goes on and on and on!). I am driven and excited about fashion and look forward to the future.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dilka Bear

Dilka Bear is from Italy, worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for four years and then decided to follow her calling as a freelance artist. Her work is creepy and cute.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Azealia Banks 1991

She can do no wrong! Azealia is every where at the moment so its a good thing Im a fan.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Qiu Hao

Slender silhouettes wrapped in fluid geometries. The Serpens collection by Qiu Hao is surprisingly minimal in the immaculate complexity of its lines. 


Kamila Gawronska Kasperska

Kamila Gawronska-Kasperska’s Fashion CollectionsKamila Gawronska-Kasperska’s Fashion CollectionsKamila Gawronska-Kasperska’s Fashion CollectionsKamila Gawronska-Kasperska’s Fashion CollectionsKamila Gawronska-Kasperska’s Fashion CollectionsKamila Gawronska-Kasperska’s Fashion Collections

Kamila Gawronska-Kasperska’s collections have stretched the boundaries of Fashion. Her inspiration was drawn from the films Metropolis and Sky Captain. The unique fashion photography by Tomek Slupski, Maciej Boryna and Bartek Sejwa, accentuates the bold geometry of her collections.


Forgot how much I love this song.
Also taken from Sewing Sessions Volume 1.

Happy sewing x


Love how it holds shape so well. 

To make.

Recently I have been buying lots of fabric and now I am going to make this for myself.

Halina Mrozek

Halina Mrozek has designed a series of clothing ‘devices’, hybrids of garments and accessories, which dressing the body like armour elements. Her spectacular pieces are expressively highlighted in this fashion editorial by photographer Kasia Bielska for Wysokie Obcasy magazine.

Halina MrozekHalina MrozekHalina Mrozek

I have a new website : )

I have a brand spanking new websit and I am so excited about it!!

Die Antwoord I fink you freaky and I like you alot.

Sewing sessions Volume 1
Just press play and sew.

Iris Van Herpen

I have been to busy lately to keep my blog updated. I have loads of inspirational Iris Van Herpen pictures from my research book, that I have to share. Iris Van Herpen would be my number one choice for work placement in April, aghhhh I need to get it : )


aghhhhhh exciting


Anne Sophie Madsen

Her illustrations are as beautiful as the clothes


Love, respect and new and cutting edge.

For a recent project in college I had to research designers I love, I respect and new and cutting edge designers. Here is who I picked.


Where are you?

When is the next issue of  POP out?

No No No!

I am supposed to be on my Christmas holidays, yet I am just about to leave for college. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Part of our studio play list


             I can not get enough of Jeffrey Campbell, I want them all.