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As a little girl I would make dresses out of pillow cases and colour them with crayola markers, spend hours scribbling shoes and dreamed of working in the fashion industry, not much has changed since then. Im studying at Limerick School of Art and Design which I love,in my third year of fashion design. My favourite designers at the moment are Haider Rick Owens, Hussein Chalayan,Iris Van Herpen,Stella McCartney,Steffie Christaens , Gareth Pugh and Anne Sophie Madsen (and the list goes on and on and on!). I am driven and excited about fashion and look forward to the future.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

My First Ever Shoe Designs (age 9)

The cover of my "Look Book". I still have the same signature!

The Spice Girls obviously had a huge influence on  these designs.

Perspex heels with anything from a clock to a goldfish in the heel.

This was me trying to do a more sophisticated look for the ladies! 
I was probably nine or ten when I drew these pictures. My mother kept them for me and I am happy she did. Its nice to look at them, I have always loved designing.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hip To Be Square.

 This collection is fun and interesting. I have never heard of Maison Martin Margiela. His desings bought a smile to my face. It reminds me of the first steps of designing, when your looking at shape on the body. I would like to see side views, and touch and feel the garments. I think the trousers would be perfect for the days when you feel like a hippo, they would make you feel super skinny from the front!!!!!! Yes... Actually I have to get a pair!

Balmain S/S 2011

I used to be a complete bling whore now I'm more of a refined magpie!!!! Here Christophe Decarnin has used staples and safety pins intead of obvious methods of bling like sequins and beads. It is modern and edgy. I like the way the light falls on the garments its alot more muted than sequins.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Alexander McQueen

Its very hard to believe that fashion lost McQueen just a little over a year ago. Looking at the spring/ summer collection designer Sarah Burton has done a fantastic job at keeping his name alive. The collection is still very much McQueen, however it is slighty different which is expected.
 The designs play with the shape of the body, tiny sinched in waists are emphasised by morphed hip lines that create a sexy hour galss silhouette. There are loads of interesting textures. Some garments are stiff and remind me of traditional Mongolian dresses. I really like the laser cut pieces, I want a laser cutter thingy!! There is wonderful movement in the whole collection, feathers shimmy down the runway and flirt with the audience.The hair is beautiful and really compliments the collection. The music sounds like something from the Kill Bill sound track and I love Kill Bill.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Information Overload.

 Just after discovering Meredyth Sparks,Clunie Reid and Linder Sterling. I love their art work this is my favourite type of art. I especially enjoy trying to create art like this, its relaxing and almost instant.

Magazine Time.

                                                                                                   I got Pop, Another magazine and Wonderland this week. My favourite is Pop and I really look forward to these every few months. Im still about twelve at heart and the last two seasons of Pop I got free stickers wahoooo!! I have dreamed about a magazine like Pop, its informative, I like the layout and the illistrations are fun,its completly unique and inspiring.
 Looking at the ad campaigns is exciting the colours are new and fresh. Stella Mc Cartney's ads are beautiful, the collage reminds me of what we do in college when designing. The prints are bold and fresh.

 I always can depend on Balenciaga to inspire me with their wonderful silhouettes, Giselle Bundchen fronts the campaigns. I dont think she is very versatile but I like her look here.

Viktor and Rolf 2002

 I love Viktor and Rolf. They break boundries and go where no one has before. I got so excited when I found this video today,I couldnt believe I had never seen it. Its such a simple and creative idea. I have to watch it on silent the music drives me mad, maybe its supposed to!?? The clothes look beautiful both ways, can not stop watching it!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jill Sander S/S 2011

I just want to taste the colours they look delicious. I think the use of colour is brave and exciting. The colours were inspired by nature which suprised me at first. This is designer Raf Simmons' current offering for Sander, "shades that are often seen in the world- soft blues and greens, for example- are used sparingly, while more exotic hues- the tiniest trace of pigment at the heart of a flower or the breast of a rare bird- appear across great expanses of fabric". I like the way he has taken such an ordinary and over used theme and completely revamped the colours and injected fun.They scream with excitment. .

Federico Sangali

 I recently discovered Federico Sangalli, I love his work and would describe it as sleek and architectural with definite line and structure. His collections are ready to wear mixed with high fashion, clothes that empower women. I also like his use of traditional fabrics.